Bow and Bear Cornwall

For boujee dogs

Bow and Bear Cornwall is a luxury premium dog food brand providing Superfood kibble and launching soon, freshly made home made dog food.  Our fresh dog food will include only free range chicken and grass fed meats from Devon and Cornwall, fish from Devon and Cornish waters, all locally sourced vegetables too.  The ultimate in dog food and the first in the UK to offer quality free range poultry, grass fed meat and sustainably caught fish.

We provide an education on good diet for dogs in order to achieve fewer visits to the vet and live a longer healthier life.  Diet is critical to the overall health and well-being of our beloved dogs.  You can order online.

If you only want one 2kg bag of kibble email or call us to order so that you do not pay postage on a small bag.  Larger bags postage is included as are more than one 2kg bag.  Local Callington delivery only for one small bag.


Q How do I calculate how much food to feed my dog?

An easy calculation for your dog's daily calorie intake is by multiplying his weight in kilogrammes by 30, then adding 70. For example, for Bear (of Bow and Bear Cornwall), he weighs 30kg:

30 x 30 + 70 = 970 calories per day

The calorie content is shown on the food label per 100g so it's easy to work it out. Otherwise give us a call! 0330 133 1489.

Q How is your dry dog food made?

Our kibble or dry food is made using a unique called Freshtrusion. Unlike most kibble products, ours is not heated at high temperatures for a long length of time and we are proud of this! It is not another ultra processed kibble currently found in supermarkets. To actually see how it is made we have created a short video for you to give you some assurance of our provenance, go to

Q When will your fresh food be available?

Our fresh food has been undergoing trials for the last year and we are very nearly ready to launch so hopefully by September 2022. Sign up to our newsletter letter on the home page of the website to be the first to know!