Callington Poppy Volunteer Group


We are a group of people from all backgrounds and all ages who meet once per week (Wednesday afternoons) to produce things like the Poppy Wave (and other poppy themed items) which are given to our local branch of the Royal British Legion who then arrange for them to be displayed in our town as a mark of Callingtons ongoing remembrance of the sacrifice made by our military on our behalf. We have also produced the first of a series of artworks (the first ‘Callington during Covid’ can be viewed hanging in the Town Hall. We have also done much much more and are currently completing our work on warm baby blankets, toys and sweets for children in an orphanage in Odessa.

We are a friendly and very relaxed group who welcomes new members of any ability.


Q Do i have to be good at crafts to join?

No, definately not. We are also a friendship group and welcome nearly everyone. We can always find tasks for anyone not crafty enough to avoid them!!! Alternatively, we can teach you various crafts if you want to learn.

Q Where and when do you meet?

We meet most Wednesday afternoons 2 - 4pm at Callington Community Centre, Coronation Close, Callington. If we are unable to meet for any reason we always put a post on social media to inform everyone.

Q Who can i talk to if i have a question?

Tel: 07712221862 and ask to speak to Aileen who will try to answer any of your questions.

Q Do i have to attend every meeting?

No, many of our group don’t come to every meeting because they have other comittements.

Q Are refreshments available?

We always have a cup of tea/coffee and some biscuits (sometimes even chocolates and cake). Muriel makes a really good cup of coffee/tea.

Q Do i have to pay anything to attend?

The easy answer is no. We do have a tin and many people put £1 in it and we use that money to buy tea/coffee and biscuits, but it is purely optional.