Gist (Insurance Brokers) Ltd

We won't keep you hanging on

Established in Callington since 1952 and providing a wide range of personal and commercial insurances. The service may be old fashioned but the technology and products are bang up to date.

An insurance broker dedicated to serving the West Country and beyond.

– Competitive pricing.

– A wide range of cover options.

– Excellent customer service.

– Local and available in person.

– For your family and your business.

– A small team, dedicated to you.


Q Do you offer Personal Insurance?

Our clients are individuals with their own personal needs and that the ‘one box fits all’ approach often leads to problems in the longer term.

Q Do you offer Commercial Insurance?

We take seriously the needs of all of our Commercial clients, whether you are working from home, from an office, shop or industrial unit and are able to offer a range professional products tailored to your needs.