Loft and Bird is a small bath and beauty business owned by local lady, Claire Garratt.

Founded in 2019 after years of practice and training, Claire submitted her cosmetic recipes for safety assessments and set to work on growing her business.

Selecting only the finest grade ingredients that are gentle on the skin,  everything is made by hand in her small, dedicated workshop in Callington.

Claire’s love of the environment means that she is committed to working sustainably and ethically. The results are beautiful products made using mostly natural ingredients that are cruelty free and ethically sourced. Claire also sources supplies from as many local businesses as possible, and ones who share her sustainability ethos.

Loft and Bird is plastic-free and zero-waste, using home compostable bags for bath bombs, and tin or glass containers for products like lip balms or face masks.

With close attention to detail, many of the bath bombs are hand painted, resulting in mini works of art!

The result is beautiful products that are perfect for self-indulgence, or for gifting to like-minded environmentally conscious people in your life.